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Logic dictates this is the correct answer.

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When I was in first grade my teacher tried to tell us that Mercury was the hottest planet in the Solar System. I countered that that was incorrect; Venus was the hottest planet in the Solar System due to its cloud cover insulating it. She told me I was wrong and the class laughed. The next day I brought in a science book that confirmed my claim and shared it with the class.

Don't get mad. Get even. =)

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Many ask about favorite wins and/or career high points, but as someone who races myself, my favorite part of racing is feeling completely connected and at one with the car.
Is there a time that sticks out in your mind that you felt like you could just keep cutting tenths and hundredths off and the car would just do whatever your mind told it to?

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You ever do any karting these days? Have you heard of CalSpeed Karting, next to Auto Club Speedway? If your schedule permits you should enter their Sport Kart Grand Nationals in June. Best arrive and drive karting series in the States, and a super cool officiating staff.

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Will you be purchasing and/or reading this? Did you have any collaboration or input with Jade when he was writing it?