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If X goes up and Y goes up, then there is a correlation: they don't have to be perfectly 1:1 correlations. Do gun deaths per capita go up as gun ownership goes up? If so, that is a perfect example of a correlation. (Alternately, if the inverse is true as well.)

We know that if you live in a household with a gun, you are more likely to die by homicide. Explanations of causality or what remedies there are are different questions, but it is very easy to establish this correlation.

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It's correlated, but your claim shows causation: does the gun cause you to die by suicide?

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For what it's worth, I have an advance copy of the book and I can provide my perspective as a reader.

I was surprised to see how much of the book made it a point to not focus on gun control policy: Mark, to what extent did you have to fight that framing from your publisher and editor and to what extent to you have to dispel that this isn't just an advocacy book for gun control policies?

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It's almost like you deliberately ignored the entirety of my post for a bad faith take-away. The correlation exists, please don't spread misinformation.