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If you were to go on a diet and lose weight would your body cannibalize the donor fatty tissue in your face?

Have you cut yourself shaving and if so, does it bleed/heal normally?

Would the dna from dead skin cells from your face be yours or the donors?

fascinating AMA, I was shocked by how normal you look and spoke in your video. great to see how fast the technology is advancing in this field.

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I read Mr. Stiller hated making that movie and fought with the director constantly. Did your experiences on that film with Ben lead to your hilarious role in Along Came Polly?

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Do you ever think about how your face might change as you grow older, I noticed how smooth and wrinkle free yours and the other face transplant recipients are. Seems like the lack of fine movement in the muscles would keep your face from aging like most people, sort of like extreme botox.

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It blows my mind that your mother escaped one genocide and ended up walking into another. It's like a real life Final Destination where that was her inevitable fate. So sad.

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Loved your appearances on the Big 3 Podcast.

Do you think the show will come back?

What's it like to hang out with mole?

Did you use the bathroom at Perry's apartment or did you have to go to the Denny's down the street?