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I'd be a little weary of bodybuilding.com. A lot of the site content is "bro-science" backed by a selling incentive bias (it is an online store). It is somewhat of a good place to start but the Forums can be very dangerous in terms of mis-information. If you really want to get educated, take a look at Lyle McDonald's site: Bodyrecomposition.com. His articles are very well constructed, thoughtout, and backed by his years of experience, degrees, and research studies which he cites. Good Luck!

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What's you're take on Intermittent Fasting? Could you give any word or support to the hormonal changes from it being beneficial?

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Any books on sports nutrition or just nutrition you would recommend?

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Hey man. Huge fan of Examine.com! It's my go to for unbiased and accurate info so thanks for that! My question is not really on supplements but you may be able to answer it.

Is there any scientific reasoning behind the findging that people who diet down to a new weight (eg formerly overweight people) have a lower matabolic rate than those naturally at that weight? Will they're body eventually adapt?

Also, I've read that added adipose tissue is never actually gotten rid of. What I mean is when someone gets overweight their body creates new adipose tissue to store fat, but then when they lose weight the tissue releases the fat but that tissue is always there...which seems to make it easier to gain the weight back. Can you give any reasoning, confirmation or science behind this?

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Check this out: click here . Yeah, you're welcome.