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He is danish. You pronouce his name as a dane would. "Nick" - "O" as in Oprah. "lie" is the closest word I can think of. But you would shorten the ending of the word lie, abrubtly. So almost without the e.

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He asked: Does it annoy you/piss you off when people dont sort their trash?

He answered: I dont care what people throw away, as long as I am paid, except if it is something glaring obvious, like trying to throw out large metal objects, (gives examples) those I just leave.

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I want you to know that my Mother got cancer back in 2011. I moved home and took care of her on leave from work, when she got declared terminal.

It took 6 months for the cancer to win. In that time when I wasnt Caring or chatting with her, i played video games to escape the fear and horror I felt on a daily basis. The fear of losing my Mother.

What got me through that time was bethesda games. I played them to escape. Made me happy to still be alive.

The games you worked on likely saved my life, and made me able to make the last six months of my mothers life liveable, as her Son never lost hope in all the time he cared for her during those last months.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You and your former colleagues. I hope you never stop doing what you love. The games help some of us cope when life becomes to scary, too real, and we need to see life through a different lense to keep going.

You make that real for some of us. Thank you.

Are you are aware when you make games that this impacts other peoples lives this way? How does that make you feel?

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As a surgeon he only holds one persons heart. As a comedian he can hold the hearts of a nation.

I am from Denmark where our press and freedom of speech is valued highly. It is scary to see how little it took for your government to come after you.

I am shocked that the revolution did not unify egypt more. Instead it seemed to gain what it lost.

I dont understand how your army can be so popular, that the entire nation just blindly follows.

I would love to hear your point of view on it. I hope your family and friends are safe. I hope you are all doing well. And i hope your fellow egyptians know what you sacrificed to make them laugh and smile.

And that lawsuit... Someone needs to get that shit removed. Never have i experienced such a blatant abuse of judicial power.

Lots of love from here. Keep hoping. Its the one thing we cant afford to lose.

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You always have a Bias, it might be minute, but it is always there. Claiming you are completely ambivalent in a system that directly effects you is either ignorant or willfully deceptive. Neither a super outcome to that question.