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I've heard sheep-shearing is in danger of becoming a lost skill also. Is that your impression? How long does it take to become proficient at shearing?

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Well FWIW here in Denver our library's 7 copies of your book are all checked out and there is a long waiting list for them.

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I am glad to have helped complete your bucket list! Seriously though there are quite a few folk in Denver that are interested in micro-farming (I know, quite different from what you do!). Regionally, we have a fair bit of alpaca ranching up in the mountain areas, and even some yak and bison ranching as well. There is a fairly large annual Wool Festival in Estes Park Colorado, with sheep shearing demos, agility coursing for llamas and their brethren, wool judging (I am fascinated by that - really quite technical), etc. Now that you are internationally famous, perhaps you could do a book tour and swing by! (Actually while I realize that farming of any kind does not allow for long breaks away are there any plans for you to do a book tour?)