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"Curb Qualifying" is a real thing. I notice it a lot with people who have been in the business a while, although I wouldn't say I see it my dealership a lot as there is a huge emphasis on our culture and we hold ourselves to a high standard.

I treat every person on the lot the same. Walk up with head up and a smile (not looking at my shoes). Say "Welcome to Mercedes-Benz of XXX, are you finding everything okay?" and go from there. I have dealt with multi millionaires that look like "bums" sometimes and you just never know. Handle every opportunity like your helping your mother buy a car.

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As a last resort

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Yes. Some people will do anything to have a star on the grill. It's unfortunate because I often suggest things to help with their situation (Like leasing a cheaper car to get rid of their negative equity and come back after that lease) but ultimately you have to do what they want.

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Anything you can offer as far as reviews, referrals, guaranteeing you will service with them etc. We eat that stuff up and if you are generally a nice person throughout the process, we noticed. Be willing to come to a deal though.

If we let you walk out of the showroom when the sole issue is difference on price, you probably have a pretty good deal.

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All the time! We host a Mercedes-Benz drivers club every couple months and you will see all those types of cars come through.