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kmvrtwheo988 karma

Hi, I'm Indonesian. I'm quite curious about what's going on in Syria. So here goes my question:

  1. How do average Joes view Assad? Do they view him in positive way?
  2. Do you have friends who migrate to Europe or the USA in the past few years?
  3. Is Damascus safe in general? Is tourist welcomed?
  4. How good is relationship between people with different religions, like have you ever had a brush with Muslims or Druze in your lifetime?
  5. How do you view Jews and Israel? For me, I don't have problem with Jews, but I don't really like Israeli government, that's it.
  6. Why do some Syrians migrate to the west while others don't?
  7. How do you view Indonesia in general? Do people view it as a Muslim country or Southeast Asia country? If Syrians don't really know anything about Indonesia (or worse don't give a shit about this country) then just lemme know. I'm just curious tho, no offense.

Anyway stay safe.

السلام عليكم