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The 144000 will inhabit the New Earth, or they will be alive when the Earth is made new?

I grew up understanding that the 144000 would be those who "are alive and remain" at the Second Coming; but I am admittedly not JW.

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Thank you for answering so quickly. For context for later readers, my question was a brief overview (beyond a byline) of church history. I phrased it in a way that confused the automoderator and reposted, but not before the question was answered, apparently!

Thank you again, and apologies for the double-post.

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Any chance for Stargate now?

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Where do you plan to live while planning your next trip? Or are you going to just keep walking?

Your story sounds like something out of a novel about pre-history where someone wandered the world for no reason other than that they could, and I love it. Even a little jealous!