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kmgenius6 karma

I know there's been talk about an STL subscription service. Is there any info you could give about what that would possibly look like?

kmgenius3 karma

$15 unlimited monthly. It would be fantastic. Filled out the survey and hope to hear more soon!

kmgenius3 karma

Subscriptions are guaranteed consistsnt income though, so it has to be looked at differently than their current model. $15 a month is a lot more than they make from me currently buying individual STLs. I need something I can print out a whole gang of unique bandits or other NPCs on a regular basis and $40 a month is just too steep for that. $15 for 5 is fine for a sale price, but not a subscription imo

kmgenius1 karma

Paying for a year up front or idk what do other subscription services do, plus I the miniatures I need change throughout the year, so I personally wouldn't cancel.