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kmarrocco32 karma

Being nosy: Why is Crash Course not a non-profit entity in the U.S.?

kmarrocco20 karma

I've already been billed for this month's payments to Smarter Every Day, C. G. P. Grey, Wheezy Waiter, Crash Course, Minute Physics, and The Good Stuff. If I click the big blue "Continue->" button, will I be charged again for this month, or should I wait until next month to click so it goes in that budget cycle for me?

kmarrocco9 karma

Been there, done that, had to be an accountant, I understand.

kmarrocco5 karma

It's what I do.

kmarrocco4 karma

Thank you very much.

(Also, I suppose you can disregard all the suggestions I gave you for Subbable when we met at VidCon...)