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That is literally fucked... If an engineer is wrong, and a building collapsed suddenly they blame it on the engineer or their firm. If a doctor makes an error it's malpractice and the doctor or the hospital gets sued. A judge makes a mistake.... Whoops mAh bad fuck you m8 you get shit. Goddamn

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Why were you disillusioned?

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The alternative society where lawyers and judges are personally accountable for any wrongful conviction would mean a world where many dangerous criminals are not convicted.

I have heard this before, my issue with this argument is then, why would criminals not be convicted? Because the people (with their sole job is to figure out if they are guilty or not) would be afraid to make a mistake? If this is the case then we should remove those people from their positions as they are simply not fit to do their job. Let us apply this to a different scenario. Say a doctor, who's job is to find out if you are sick and treat you. Their job certainly is difficult too, as they don't actually know if a treatment will work on you etc. Is it reasonable to say if they make a mistake while treating you, we should not sue them and essentially let them get off without any recourse.

Another idea is an airplane pilot, who's job is also difficult, and has plenty of variables to deal with. Their job is to make sure the passengers arrive safely. Lets say they make a mistake, or something even worse, they make the best decision which causes the people on the plane to come out of it alive during a circumstance which they did not foresee. Do you think they should not be sued or brought into court?

What I am trying to say is: just because one has many variables to deal with, and are responsible for many things including others lives, does not absolve them from any repercussions from their mistakes. Yet, judges do not have to live up to the same standard as everyone else. In my opinion, if a judge is "afraid" to do their job... then they should not become a judge.