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I will do the talk about our first experiences with Amazon ECS at local Docker meetup http://www.meetup.com/Docker-Krakow-Poland/events/221735153/ I'm almost sure that most people would like to know what's next? Can you share with us your roadmap for ECS? When we can expect next integrations?

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Ok, but we shouldn't expect any other, out-of-box, solution from ECS like integration with ELB, right?

klocekPL2 karma

We would like to use Amazon ECS, but we have Service-Oriented Architecture + Docker, so we have lots of internal APIs behind the scene, we have 3 environments (prod, test, dev), ~40 Services per env (foo-api, bar-api, foobar-api ...) so in current shape (ECS), we need to spend at least 18 USD per service with ELB * 40 services * 3 envs = 2160 USD per month only for ELB (not including traffic). Do you have any other plan for service discovery, not related to ELB? We really like AWS and we don't want to setup our own Mesos + Kubernetes at EC2 or move to GCloud but ECS IMHO is not SOA friendly. Can you give us some advices?