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If you can do some research on the murder of Laci Petersen. Whether or not you believe that Scott murdered Laci is irrelevant. What you will find out is how much Nancy Grace made her feelings known on this case. Making a Murderer also will show you more of Nancy Grace. Simply put it's insane and borders on potentially interference.

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Outside of sales tax how are they paying taxes? Genuinely curious because I don't know this.

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The question from OP was more how do you A. Decrease taxes and/or B. Decrease government spending. Your answers are indications of an increase to government being in people's back pocket. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting OP's intent? Do you believe that when corporations are taxed they pass the expense onto the consumer?

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Do you think that if you increase taxes on corporations they'll pass that increased cost onto consumers?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Made the mistake of tipping once...never again.