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Hahaha holy fuck that is some blatant bullshit.

People talk like this in real life, right?

And I am encouraged by the grant they received that will open much more AI engineered content and levels currently not available. Based on what the CEO has said today, it's my opinion the platform will be unrecognizable a year from now in depth and breath. And I bet their lifetime subscription fee a year from now will make the current $150 fee look like a steal. -- /u/secretrealm

Fuck these guys.

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What's the best advice you could give to a young man who wants to support himself through his own creations?

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I'm guessing he didn't stand just because it's hard to make someone look like a spoiled little boy when they're 6' 5".

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American Psycho was about what it meant to be a person in a society you disagreed with and what happens when you attempt to accept its values and live with them even if you know they're wrong. Well, insanity creeps in and overwhelms; delusion and anxiety are the focal points.

That's perfect. I know he wrote the thing, but what a perfect summary. I've always loved the story and found it intensely relatable, but had a hard time articulating why to people who don't.