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OP is not a Putin-bot per se. He's a very controversial figure in Estonia and what he wrote was disgusting. It is really sad that Reddit only sees his point of view and upvotes him instantly because hurr durr his ART is getting censored. Kaur is not a saint.

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http://nihilist.fm/must-nihilism-untitled-12/ [nsfw] - in here, he gets a letter from the police department of Estonia and publishes his response to it. He responded to them by deleting the text from the internet and the files from his computer to not get charged or any procedures started against him which indicates that he knew he crossed the line. Now he is doing AMAs and showing that he is the victim here.

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That's the controversial area right there, the 'person' part. It can be understood in different ways which the court will find out. Nobody censored his story by the way - he removed it and traces of it on his computer to not get prosecuted on request of the police department.

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So bummed that I missed you guys at Positivus! You have a pretty unique sound and I wanted to ask whether a collaboration with Flume is on the cards :)? And what's going on with Avicii?

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how would you guys organize after an EMP?