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How do you do this????

By that, I mean how do you cope with what must be a stressful and demanding job? Have you had times where you have wondered "why the bleep am I doing this?"

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That's the bit that freaks me out about this whole thing. You are willing to go in, outnumbered to that extent, armed with nothing more than a baton (i'm presuming), against a room full of people who will not hesitate to take you down should the opportunity arise. It's not something I would even contemplate doing. Do you have a other half, and how do they cope? Do they even care?

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Fair enough. Thanks for this one man. Very interesting to read. Stay safe.

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I want to ask a question but I have no idea what. I will just say thank you very, very much for your service to our nation and the larger effort.

And you don't call Wakefield home now do you?