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kityrel49 karma

Have you considered a live show? I expect this would be a big lift in many ways, but it would be pretty awesome if you could pull it off.

kityrel31 karma

Hey! Andy, Carolyn, Jon, another Jon?, Joz, Paulo, Pitr, Scott, and Tim! And Jeff?

Question: Rewind for a moment, way before the reroll... How did you all meet up for the first time?

Does it go back to when yall were just a bunch of young punk kids? Hanging out your treehouse. Getting into mischief. Walking the train tracks in search of a dead body. Etc.

Or was there a specific more recent event -- a mystical weather-based phenomenon perhaps -- that brought you all, and your little dog too, together?

(...There wasn't a Sun God and Moon Guy involved, I trust...)

Congrats on the crit success!