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  1. You might want to include your reddit username and today's date in your proof page. Yes that indicates you are doing an AMA at some point but not when or who, so someone could have spotted that on your site and came along and impersonated you on here.

  2. You say this is a new type of VPN service, in what way is this any different than any other VPN?

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During your education or careers have you ever experienced pushback for your choice of field of study? I have heard that sexuality and sexual health has been traditionally under-studied, do you think that is improving over time or is it still somewhat of a taboo topic even in research settings?

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Trump is obviously an incredibly polarizing candidate and from what I've seen of recent polls and political commentary on the fact that they haven't moved much despite everything that has happened this year, it seems that most people have already made up their minds on how they would vote if this does still boil down to Trump vs Biden.

In the event that Trump dies before the election (or his condition is questionable enough that people have reason to suspect he may not be able to serve), do you think it would make a meaningful impact on the likely outcome of this election? Would people who are voting for Trump specifically because of who he is be more likely to abstain if it is no longer him on the ballot? Would people who are voting for Biden specifically because he is not Trump do the same?

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Interesting! I'm a little surprised to hear that Biden might actually do better against Pence since my gut instinct would be that people would feel less strongly about voting against Pence, but then again they might also feel less strongly about voting for him as well. Thanks for the response!