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Do doctors HATE you?

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Given a relatively level playing field, IE Water deep enough for a shark to maneuver proficiently, yet shallow enough for a bear to stand and fight with his characteristic dexterity... Who would win in a fight between a bear and a shark? Why?

....Can you please do an episode on this?

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That guy comes in my store frequently. A lot of people say he's a douche, but he's been pretty cool here.

I have an autistic coworker that does the cart round ups. Guy actually stops and talks to that coworker. Guy gave him a fist bump the other day and he's been talking about it nonstop. It really made him happy. It's nice to see that guy doesn't walk around with an entourage that keeps us peasants away. He seems like a solid dude to me.

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TPIC here. Why do Tankerman hate all of the deckhands? I've seriously never heard one say a single nice thing. They use and abuse you guys.

Are you planning to become a Tankerman? Have you considered terminal operations? As a terminal operator I make damn good money working 14 days a month and I go home every night.

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I got my twic card and applied at a terminal that I heard was hiring. I had a couple years experience with liquid transfer from a major winery. It's fairly easy work