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Did she finally retire?!

I worked for CoEx/XJT/UAX and remember hearing a lot about her. Back before the two systems fully merged I could see UA hire dates on manifests and was always shocked when I'd have some old FA going to work with a hire date before my mother was born, and I'm 36!

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Fuck dude I'm sorry. My ex worked for that airline and was good friends with that entire crew. She was a great lady and very missed.

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OK that's good you have that but.. A lot of pharmaceutical companies have copay assistance. My husband paid $0 for humira for years because of a card they gave him.

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You're paying for the Amazon add on. You'd want to cancel that and subscribe to HBO max.

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Not op but I'm a former flight attendant. Jet lag in my experience became easier to deal with but destroyed my ability to sleep well. I quit in 2015 and I still suffer from disordered sleeping.