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i hope she answers you! this is adorable.

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Hand-bonding, we shall call it. I did get unnecessarily excited about this AMA. Mine is a thing called Poland's syndrome, I have a very mild form of it though (it can really fuck some people up). Just gave me my little hand, I am also missing one pectoral muscle and interestingly enough have one fake breast (because the other one would never develop due to this little syndrome of mine).

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I also have a weird looking right hand, yay for us!!!! I have a small hand with all 5 fingers, except the first two are pretty short and used to be webbed in between. Not nearly as cool looking as yours. Ladies with sweet hands unite.

Does your condition have a name? or is it just a genetic defect?

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I met Jon Lajoie once after a comedy show he did in Victoria and I can confirm that he is the coolest guy ever. He answered all of our dumb questions about the show happily and took like 900 pictures with us. His brothers were also super nice guys and told us where they'd all be for drinks after so we could meet up. It was the greatest moment of my life.

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Hi! No way! This is so exciting!!!!! Great to meet you, little hand pal! (wait, you didn't specifically mention a little hand... Fake titty pal, I could call you instead)