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I called the city about a homeless man but because it wasn't cold enough the outreach worker they connected me with asked me to call 911 to have the police check on him. I called the regular police number because it wasn't an emergency. What do you think of being asked to call 911 in this case?

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You're supposed to have integrity and pay your way. If only the scofflaws used it, it would go bankrupt.

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I watched a news item were the donor family met the recipient and they all wanted to listen to their relative's heart beating in the recipient. They were all joyfull to be able to do so.

There a lot of youtube videos you can find searching for "relatives listen to donor heart."

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I wonder how much of that information is true given that the petroleum industry put out so many reports about the ability to recycle plastic and fifty years later it was determined they were all lies made to convince a doubting public to keep buying their wares.

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This means that you have to qualify for Medicaid to get it free. This would explain why the redditor's father above didn't want to continue paying for treatments and why Jon Oliver featured the business in his exposé.