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This is basically the perfect Pacific Rim II tie in. No way everyone involved isn't on board!

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I just reread some of Get Your War On, and by changing around a few proper nouns its tragically relevent. Can we propose some kind of test by where once GYWO is no longer relevent we can throw a party cause shit is finally fixed? Would/could shit ever be fixed, or is such a test even usefull in your opinion?

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HEY! Your dad is my Doctor! He told me to go to your book signing at Northeastern (I go to school there) but I had a test that day.

Whats the food like in Haiti? Before/after the earthquake? You can usually tell how someone/a group is doing by what they're eating.

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BUZZ! As a kid, I would dress up as an astronaut for Halloween. What do astronauts dress up as for Halloween?