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Somehow I didn't expect a rational response from your mother, simply because she's anti-vax - though I suppose she's anti-vax because cares about you and is misguided rather than simply being misguided.

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SABA (supplied air breathing apparatus) is a type of breathing apparatus designed for high volume breathing air cylinders or breathing air compressors located outside the atmosphere that the respirator is located.

Eg. Workers need to replace a valve in a oxygen deficient location, or a location with high H²S concentrations, the compressor is located outside of the zone, and the respirators are connected by 50' lengths of hose.

SABA is a life saving device. My worry is that some idiot may see that access to a hazardous atmosphere requires SABA, and he's going to get some kids killed because he mistakes your uvSABA for an SABA.

Was your team aware of SABA's prior to naming your product?

Are you aware of your potential exposure?

Are you aware that your device would be categorized as a PAPR, and not a SABA?

Are you attempting to get NIOSH approval?

I really like the premise of the device itself, but I stopped my evaluation at the name you chose.

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You should see a tax specialist.

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I'm more concerned with import restrictions than export restrictions. If you claim a health benefit, you must prove said benefit to sell your product in Canada.

Your device is likely listed as a Class I Medical Device.

I'm also not satisfied with your explanation to your naming convention. You may as well call it uvSCUBA and create another acronym in my opinion.

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Avoid wearing zippered sweatshirts without an undershirt. 🙄