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I am not big on casinos but every time i go to one, the only game I would find interesting is Baccarat. Can't seem to figure out why since I have no inclination towards any gambling games.

Anyway, my point is that, one day when I was at the casino to celebrate a mate's birthday, I found myself at the Baccarat table and I noticed a middle-aged gentlemen who did not look like your average gambler or casino patron. The closest description I can provide is that he looked like a cross between someone going fishing and a professor/scientist. What was interesting about him was, he had 3 sheets of paper in front of him and from what i could tell (he was very protective over what he was scribbling on the paper), one sheet was to keep track of the B/P wins, another was the sort of cards that came out of the shoe and the last was a complex algorithm consisting of,from what i could tell,various statistical calculations.

So, why was I paying attention to him? I began to notice that whenever he placed a bet, he won 9/10 times. I kid you not. I noticed his winning streak and proceed to observe him for close to 2 hours. He was very meticulous in his betting and always refers to his 3 sheets. Out of that 2 hours, he must have bet like 20~30 times at most but he won nearly every single time. I could only recall him losing twice cause one of them he grumbled and cursed at his calculations paper and proceeded to sit for 15 minutes straight just calculating something.

I honestly wanted to approach him and ask him but he looked a lil bit on the grumpy side and did not want to interrupt him in his "calculations" and was waiting for him to finish to talk to him. But when I took a quick break to the toilet, came back and he was gone.

What do you think? Plausible the Baccarat can be gamed statistically and someone found a way around it? Or just one of those superstitious gambling fallacies?

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What do you think of music piracy?

I was thinking of just that one question but it sparked off a couple more.

  1. Not too long ago, majority of music artists and record labels were vehemently against pirating music online now but seems to have died down now. Why do you think that happened?

  2. What was the tipping point for the music industry to start noticing that the internet is an important thing for them and instead of fighting it, they had to work with it?

  3. Any awesome or surprising dinosaur/geeky stories about any of the artists you worked with?

  4. What color is your underwear that you are wearing now?

Thanks for doing the AmA!

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3 questions:

  1. I don't know if you have specified this but do you do any overseas/offshore trusts for your clients? Dealing with that much money, I'm sure some of them have pushed for you to take it out the country to save them some tax.

  2. Also, what are the biggest and smallest amount of money have you dealt with?

  3. Any interesting client background/stories? I.e. lottery winners, silicon valley entrepreneur with an exit, etc.

Thanks in advance for doing the AMA.

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Wow, $500million is a lot of money.

Funny you mentioned the chemical thingy because one of my relatives got rich off that too. Specifically industrial grade detergent and he sells it to factories, medical centres, etc and the company he started only manufactures/sells that one and only thing. He recently just sold off the company so he can spend more time with the family. Funny how people don't realise or give a thought about how much opportunities these unorthodox industries have.

Oh, and I'm on the other side of the world so I already have an awesome attorney that does my stuff. As a client of someone whom has similar expertise like you, we probably give you way more shit than you deserve but don't thank you guys enough.

Thanks for your reply!