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One of us! One of us! One of us!

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there is an excellent story/article on this topic that you might find interesting.
Sadly the original page is gone, but the wayback has it still....

To quote Doctorow from BoingBoing:

Tim Rogers's essay "Who killed videogames? (a ghost story)" is one of the most interesting pieces of technology reporting I've ever read. It's a long (long!) account of the mechanics of "social games" where psychomathematicians or behavioral economists or engagement designers (all variations on the same theme) create systems to make games compellingwithout being enjoyable. The sinister science of addictive game design is practiced -- in Rogers's account -- by people who don't like games or gamers, who actually hold them in contempt, and see no reason not to entrap them in awful, life-sucking systems designed to separate them from their money without giving any pleasure or service in return. I've always suspected this to be true, and Rogers's account is awfully well-written and convincing.

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I can see that. The ROI with that kind of training and salary, I'm sure it's very well mapped out

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You should definitely add that tidbit of info to your OP. I read through that, some posts here, getting a little excited for a possible shift away from a stagnant 20 year career at the age of 48... And then "oh".

Do you have any idea why that cutoff is implemented?