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Bob took a four medication compounded mixture which we mixed with Kahlua and he took it using his feeding tube. He felt nothing, other than sleepiness. – Stephanie

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People want to know about the last day and we've received a lot of questions about that. But it's the first day that sticks in my mind. How positive he was. How funny. How full of life and how resolved he was with his plan. That first day with Bob opened my eyes. From day 1 he had this ability to make US feel comfortable with his decision.- John

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  1. Technically, there’re two protocols we use. Seconal which is incredibly difficult to get and costs about $3000. The protocol Bob used was the compounded mixture which costs about $800. SOME insurance covers it and we encourage client’s families to submit the expense to their insurance company in case it’s covered. Also possibly, if enough insurance companies are requested to cover it, their polices might change.
  2. I think it is more a matter of lack of knowledge about the law. I believe utilization rates are less than 5 percent if I recall correctly. If we had more people asking their physicians I think more would be supportive.


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Almost all of the people in Bob's circle were very supportive of his decision. Bob knew he would have his critics and he would say 'It's not for everybody. But this was my choice.'

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The day Bob died was very tough mentally and emotionally.

When Bob went into his bedroom to change into his pajamas, I waited outside of his room with loved his loved ones and cried. I kept thinking to myself “what am I doing? Why am I doing this?” I knew this is what Bob wanted. Bob specifically reached out to John and I to share his story. That gave me the strength to continue with the shoot.