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I hope you see this. I just wanted to thank you directly for the two pieces EverAccelerating mentioned above (Passacaglia and The Shape of Things to Come), along with Allegro, A Promise to Return, and Prelude to War. While the entire BSG soundtrack is amazing, these songs have each given me chills and nearly brought me to tears on separate occasions. I'm a big music listener, but few artists can evoke that kind of emotion from me. Whatever credit you get as a musician isn't nearly enough.

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Are you serious? So fucking do something you pussy. Your anonymous bullshit holds exactly as much weight as this comment Im writing right now. until you come forward publicly and say what youve been claiming behind your anonymity safety veil you are doing zero to help the country you claim to care about. It should be blatantly obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells that your SOLE objective is personal profit.

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My company has been using Lync for internal communications for the last six months or so, and it's been absolutely horrendous. Messages often don't get delivered with no indication of delivery failure to the sender, connections drop frequently, highlighting text from chat windows to copy/paste it is a pain, etc. In fact, members of my department have been breaking company policy and using Skype to communicate during business hours, just because getting yelled at by bosses is preferable to dealing with Lync.

Are you aware of these kinds of issues? Is Lync to blame here, or is my company's IT department incompetent and didn't set things up correctly?