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Hope you're still answering!! I've seen your pics before and am so happy that you've been able to change your life in such a positive way. Very soon I'll be doing something similar with my own body.

My question is, in the future, would you consider additional surgeries to target the other common traits of your particular form of dwarfism?

The legthening surgeries seem so glaringly obvious as quality of life boosters, but wondering if you, as an individual, would change any other features associated with dwarfism.

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Honestly, looking at your slides, I was thinking about how it looks like cosmetic surgery could pretty much eliminate any trace of dwarfism in you outwardly. Like, you have a totally normal body now!! That's so incredible!!

Just want you to know that I 100% support your decision, should you chose to, to continue altering yourself (or not to). Modern medicine is amazing. By January I will also have basically a brand new body, it's going to be awesome!!

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Important to know that in the US, justice and law are not synonymous.