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Is the wig itchy?

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Next question(s), how do you feel defending someone when / if you know they're guilty and what do you think about some of the sentences the courts hand out?

For example, there was a man who is a persistent sex offender / paedophile who had committed lots of offences in the UK and he was jailed for only five months... he got out then travelled over to my peaceful little island and then raped a 10 year old boy in his hotel room, the whole island was in uproar that he was here but that he also served such a short sentence in the first place for his other offences.

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Hi Dr Karunakara,

I'm a member of St John Ambulance in the UK as an Advanced First Aider. I hear a lot of people within the organisation and others with similar skills saying they would like to do some form of medical volunteering abroad but it's something that our organisation doesn't do. Is MSF exclusively for doctors volunteering abroad or can others with a medical background (paramedics, EMTs etc) help? And if not, are there any other organisations you can recommend?

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Do you miss all of the treats that used to get sent to Park by his Korean fans?