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Time is life, even if your patient dies. Someone I know found a neighbor on the ground, called 911 and did CPR until paramedics came. The neighbor didn’t end up making it, but as an organ donor, he saved several other lives.

The family was incredibly grateful.

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I hope your nieces know their pictures helped. That part is lovely.

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Doc Hollywood is sweet. I love that you’ve come around to saying that.

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Do you have cover letter advice? I’m mid-career and switched from nonprofits — having your own beliefs weaponized against you is so true — to tech a few years ago. I frequently hear from interviewers that they are only considering the jobs I’ve had since the switch, while I consider the experience highly transferable.

It’s exhausting for me to craft new letters for application after application to explain how I got to where I am and how my background really is relevant to whatever position I’m applying for.

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How does Proton VPN pay its bills if not by charging end users or selling advertising?