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Welp, we found the Brit.

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Hmmm...unfortunately pedophiles aren't typically early adopters.

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I've been toying with the idea of joining my local volunteer company:

  1. Should I?
  2. Am I too old to join? (32)
  3. What should I know before I join up?

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Its surprising to me how many people don't seem to quite grasp the concept of an insurance policy. I mean I get the the young dumb and invincible mentality (I still slightly suffer from it at 30), but its almost like "hey, I have no plans on getting hurt or sick in the near future, so screw insurance" is the mentality.

Think of it like car insurance...you are required to have it to drive but you more than likely will never use it. Y

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Waterbowl Cam is definitely my favorite thing. Nothing better than when a dog just plops down in it.