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Out of curiosity, have you collaborated with a Dr. Rosmand Kinzler? She's my aunt and is currently a Senior Director at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan!

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I believe she is a Geologist, but she's also studied volcanoes, been to the bottom (or very deep, at least) of the Marianas Trench, runs classes at AMNH, etc Your museum and work sound fascinating, especially your immense fossil collection!

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What advice do you - Seth - have to an aspiring Clinical Psychologist? I am 3 semesters away from my undergraduate degree and am considering applying for programs that go from a Bachelor's degree to a PsyD. I want to work with either adolescents or veterans - haven't decided yet.

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I already have a decent amount of exposure to a variety of mental illnesses because of my job. I work at a local hospital on our Psych floors - from our crisis unit, to adult psych, and geriatric psych. This job can be emotionally draining, and sometimes its hard to separate what goes on at work from the outside world. CBT, DBT, and Exposure Therapy fascinate me. Hopefully an opportunity arises to become more familiar with those techniques. I appreciate the advice and words of encouragement! Thank you.