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Hi Don!

big fan of most of your teas but when i was over seas i came in contact with Arizona Blueberry White Tea! it was fantastic and i drank it as often as i could but when i returned back to the states it was no where to be found. So my question is was that a limited run or is there some method for me to grab some now that im back state side? Thanks!

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Helllllllllllo Jerry,

if you had a chance to take George Carlin on a trip of comedians in cars getting coffee what car would you have picked him up in?

thanks :)

kill-danny26 karma


a lot less clicking :)

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Hello Bruce!

my friend Eelco is a huge fan of yours, even bigger then me.. so my only question is..

will you acknowledge my friend Eelco with a hello?

thanks for your time!