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They destroyed your entire future before you had a chance to start it.

They had absolutely no problem fucking you, so fuck them.

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Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

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you edge to..basically load both barrels. It's supposed to make you orgasm harder.

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While you could have phrased it better, I agree with the sentiment. He can't choose to not be attracted to children, only not to act on it.

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Now, do you have to go to Harvard? Is it forced upon you? Absolutely not.

Clearly you haven't talked to many rich kids. You're really just seeing the world how you want to see it. The children of rich people don't have expectations? They're expected to take the reigns of a company that millions of people will live or die depending on how successful it is.

Do you really think that their family would just let them walk away from that? You really think that turning your back on your family and friends in the name of "happiness" that might never come is an easy sacrifice to make--or one that you will even be allowed to make?

The rich can be just as trapped as the poor, the only difference is whether the cage is made of gold or shit.