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What about prison companies like Corrections Corporation of America that profits from having overcrowded prisons?

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I, too, had a pneumothorax (collapsed lung) a month ago or so while driving on my right lung. That shit hurt. Then they put a tube in my chest to get the air out. That shit also hurt.

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Would you shoot an American citizen if ordered by Obama?

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I don't know why you make fun of those people when government tyranny is real and has happened several times around the world in just the last century.

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A child being raised by a same sex couple is child abuse. There is proof via case studies that show children raised by same sex couples are developmentally disadvantaged in many ways. There is something that both a man and woman give a child when they are raised. Ex: Children without a father are vastly likely to get in trouble with the law and end up in jail. You always hear the prison interviews. "Our father walked out on us"

And they're gay. They'lll probably end up touching him.

Downvote me, I know you reddit liberals hate the truth.