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I work at Boston.com too, as an interactive designer (that means I make web ads. woo!). I usually dress like a slob but today I am wearing a nice button down aqua shirt. I am 22 years old but I probably look closer to 18. We have never exchanged words but I see you pretty much every day. I am probably sitting no more than 20 feet from you as I write this.

My question: do you know who I am??

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haha! yeah, that's me. kathy is sick today.

my name is eric, by the way.

also, i love reddit and its really cool seeing boston.com on the front page just about every other week. so thanks for that and good job with everything.

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I have mild social anxiety disorder! Anyway, Alan came by my desk moments after I posed that and we gave formal introductions. Very nice guy! Also, this has been my favorite reddit moment.