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Thanks for visiting, Mr. Gregg! (Clark? Director Agent Mister Clark Son of Coul sir?) Come see us in /r/SHIELD and /r/MarvelStudios; we love you!

  1. Vital Nerd Question™: Could Phil Coulson pick up Mjølnir? ("Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor" yadda yadda etc.)

  2. Ever so often I remind myself "Agent Coulson is married to Baby from Dirty Dancing!" because this instantly makes my day cheerier. What are things y'all do to balance being busy creative professionals/superheroes with raising a family? Any chance we'll see Jennifer Grey in Agents of SHIELD and/or your future projects?

  3. [Fan gushing and major The Avengers & Agents of SHIELD spoilers ahoy!] I'd like to thank/blame you for at least two times the Marvel Cinematic Universe made me cry: Coulson's death in The Avengers and Coulson being named an Avenger in Agents of SHIELD. I never would've guessed that Iron Man's Bland Government Suit Guy would become one my favorite fictional characters EVER, but the warmth, enthusiasm, and total adorkableness of your performance has been utterly captivating. A kickass superspy is nifty; a kickass superspy who's also a genuinely kind, compassionate, funny, hopeful person (and antiques nerd) is priceless. Damn straight, Phil Coulson's an Avenger. Thanks for making him so much fun to love!

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Cue a blizzard of puns!

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It was very interesting and disturbing to read what you wrote about how your book of investigative journalism was repackaged as a "memoir," and how your work and you as a journalist were treated differently because of that label. What kind of responses from readers/publishers/journalists did you get to your speaking out on the topic? Are there other works you'd recommend by women journalists and journalists of color that have gotten stuck with the "memoir" label? Have you changed anything for the future about the way you work as a journalist to push back against the "memoirist" category and/or to embrace the label in a useful way?

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How do you not suffocate in there? Do you get to take bathroom breaks? Do you get to eat the candy?

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Hi, Jenny! I loved The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, so I'll definitely check the documentary out. If you're still taking questions:

  • How often do you eat out or get takeout from Chinese restaurants in a month?
  • What are your favorite Chinese food cookbooks and/or blogs?