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Is there a way to verify that my vote was counted and counted correctly?

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It was around the time that my daughter and I were watching her skills as a Pokemon trainer blossom, and I finally had a family member that appreciated the franchise as much as I did. Being an older player it was a very nice to have someone to share Pokemon with.

I found some of your tracks about a year ago I think. I copied them to a flash drive and played them in my car for a few days (and still do now that I got the album). My daughter and I would listen to them, and she even told me that she got a strong sense of excitement during some parts, which happened to coincide with all of the parts that gave me goose bumps.

She requested I play it for her friends (other Pokemon enthusiasts), and they all loved it as well.

You have created something beautiful and nostalgic and I think it's fantastic. Thanks!