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I just tested a handful of products on ReviewMeta. On one of the products I tested, it said that it removed 28% of the reviews (because it thought they might be fake/un-natural reviews) but the rating stayed the same. The Amazon rating was 4.7 and the adjusted rating was still 4.7. So it appears that the adjusted ReviewMeta rating isn't getting dinged because of the fake reviews. What's going on with products like this? Are there instances where ReviewMeta's adjusted rating is actually BETTER than the Amazon rating? Thanks.

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So if I'm understanding correctly, ReviewMeta is just removing (ignoring) the reviews it determines to be fake... and then bases its adjusted rating on all of the remaining reviews deemed to be real/natural. Is that correct?

So in theory, a product's adjusted rating could actually be HIGHER than its Amazon rating (in a case where competitors may have sabotaged the product by posting a bunch of fake 1-star reviews). Is that right?

Thanks, Tommy!

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Hi Tommy. ReviewMeta looks really helpful to people who shop on Amazon, which is pretty much everyone. Great work!

My question is... Is it necessary to read through the entire review analysis provided on ReviewMeta? Or can I basically just look at the "adjusted rating" at the top of the page?

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Has Amazon itself ever reached out to you directly about ReviewMeta? Do you know how they feel about your site?

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Which of your 15 tests that you run to detect fake reviews are you most proud of?