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Two things about that island: First, while there are predictions of its existence, there aren't any predictions of them existing anywhere except in a lab and not from any known natural process anywhere in the universe. And second, the predicted "stability" is relative; they're still predicted to be radioactive, just that the general trend of less stability with increasingly large nuclei will lessen or plateau somewhat. In any event, any such elements wouldn't be on anyone's list of possible candidates of elements that any kind of life would be based on.

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It's Lupus

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What's the difference between Amazon's delivery vehicles bringing goods to homes, and people taking their own vehicles from their homes to various places to purchase goods?

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Depends how far downtown they got

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IIRC it wasn't an issue of withdrawn consent or he-said she-said in Patrice's case. It was that she was only fifteen - he was convicted of statutory rape.