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Why did you choose HIV/AIDS to cure. Do you know anyone with AIDS personally?

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I love this answer. I despise the American education (have no knowledge of other countries education system) As I learned in your Jobs biography, I really wish he had the chance to revolutionize education. Every time I walk into my daughters classroom or visit a hospital, I think, "If only"

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Mr. Isaacson,

The UK is starting to teach programming in schools. I think from 4th grade up. I understand the problems that come with it such as training teachers, but is this something you think should be talked about for the US?

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Thank-you for doing this. I have read Steve Jobs and Einstein. You other books are on my wish list. I've read many biographies but yours are always way more captivating. Almost like page turners. What would you attribute this to? Why do you think you have become one of the top biographers?

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I work for Bearingman. Bearings go in just about everything. Anything that turns, needs a bearing. Bearings are very important in manufacturing. So without bearings, it shut down Germany's manufacturing of weapons and supplies. While the Germans were advancing through Russia, the Russians destroyed their own bearing factories instead of letting the Germans have them.