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I'd just like to follow up and ask if you will commit to supporting all forms of science based medicine over medical pseudosciences such as homeopathy, and the other "alternative medicine" practices that are not supported by science.

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What is your stance on GMOs?

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Removing a specific endorsement that is getting to be a political hazard is not that same as committing to promote good science.

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FPH was pretty blatant in their harrassement against users. I'll copy/paste a thing inwrote a few days ago with examples.

The campaign against imgur. The lady from /r/sewing. Going after users on /r/keto. Going after this lady. Going after this person in /r/progresspics.

More of their brigading and harrasing is documented on /r/hangryhangryfphater.

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Star Citizen, while currently only the dogfighting component is available in a pre-alpha, is planned to have a much broader range of activities (mining, exploring, trading), with combat not being the biggest thing.

It sounds like for this game, combat will be the primary focus.