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What's so great about the city of Sodom that they feel they have to avenge so much?

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Hi darling, I'm getting an engagement ring for my other girlfriend and would like your opinion...

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He could put on his robe and baseball bat.

He can catch a fly ball and yell "You shall not pass!"

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I guess he liked pushing boundaries but wasn't really a bad guy. He respected your safe word and took care of you afterwards. He even regretted some of the "experiments" he did. What he did was pretty dangerous psychologically, but I guess it was out of ignorance and not malice.

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To be fair, Frank didn't feed her drugs. He didn't do anything without her permission (she was allowed to say no to a list of things), and he respected her using the safe-word instead of just continuing to torture or rape her.

I think he's just a working-class guy who simply is ignorant about the effects of sunlight deprivation and long term sensory deprivation. I think he cared enough that if he knew the repercussions of such actions on health, he would have made some changes.