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Do you think Idaho will appeal? And do you want them to?

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Seriously man, I'd be saying thank you anyhow, but sitting here in a pre-evacuation zone in Colorado Springs, with my car packed and whatnot, I'm especially thankful. I'm not the type to get all cheesy with "hero" and whatnot, but you guys are certainly real heros. Thank you!

As a follow-up question, what's the funniest/best thing you've found (if anything) in an evacuation area? I'm tempted to leave a cooler of water and beer and a big thank you sign in my driveway.

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Predict it? Hell, they probably started it after a few too many Grizzes at El Myr.

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So I gotta ask, was it a figure eight or a bowline? And would it have made a difference either way?

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And I gotta say, your free ascent of the Nose was probably the greatest single rock climb of all time. It combined history, style, and difficulty in a way nothing else has.

I also think your no hands send of the Tree Slab at Morrison might be number two, that's just ridiculous. Did you actually do that or is that just a legend?