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They both seem fairly attractive from what I can tell. Good job, Kerily's parents!

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You should do an AMA too! Gander's response to 9/11 is still one of the most heartwarming/inspiring stories I've ever heard.

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Hi Scott! I love your site, just recently upgraded to a premium membership!

I know you have an option to set your departure city and see deals specifically from there - have you guys ever thought about doing the same for destination city? I’m looking to travel to London this year from any city in the US, but I’m uninterested in seeing deals to any other location. It would be really nice if I could change my settings to only see deals to London!

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Apparently the episode was accidentally put up On Demand for one day. I read a blog from someone that had seen it and wrote up what happened. It wasn't anything outrageous so I don't know why it didn't air. I'll see if I can find it...

Edit: Found it! Here it is.

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Not so easy when they literally lock the doors, and won't unlock them to let you in unless you're going to a favorable destination. Yes this has happened to me, and I live Uptown.