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I attend an FSSP* congregation. Reading between the lines, they seem to be treated like a bit of a thorn in the side of the Church by other clergy, occasionally. What is your opinion of the these guys, the Tridentine services, and do you have strong opinions on taking the host in the hand vs. on the tongue?

*for those of you who have not yet earned your Catholic Black Belts, this is the Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri, Fraternity of St Peter. They're in good standing with the Church, and their main deal is bringing back the traditional Latin pre-Vatican 2 mass (not to make it required, just available).

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Dominus vobiscum!

Do you belong to an order? If so, which one and why?

Do you foresee any 'death of 1000 exceptions' to the indissolubility of marriage coming from Rome during our lifetimes?

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Actually, I had some good friends who were from Goa, India, back in school, in Oklahoma, which is full of American Indians. When I met their parents, we talked about this. The 70-something parents were well-to-do Indians who had learned proper BBC English. The term that Indians use for Native Americans is still "Red Indian." They do not say it with irony, or looking around to see if an Indian is around first, that is just the right word.

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What was Eisenhower's real feelings/judgement/strategy with respect to the Civil Rights movement? IIRC, his reaction to the integration in 1957 of the high school in Little Rock, Arkansas was supportive, but also rather tepid and arm's-length. His quotes centered on respect for the rule of law and court decisions more than appeals to ethics and justice.

I'm about halfway through Levingston's Kennedy and King, and your president comes in for sharpish criticism on this and related subjects.

Was Eisenhower genuinely disinterested, or was are we judging unfairly by 2018 thinking? Was he merely constrained in his realistic choices and making the best of limited options? What was his degree of support for integration of the military?

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slightly tangent question - have you read or read about B. R. Myers' The Cleanest Race? If so what do you think of its premise?

Briefly, Myers asserts with some thorough evidence that the North Koreans are ideologically very close to Nazism - fanatical about ethnic purity, culturally xenophobic even toward the Chinese, somewhat child-like in their need for a Leader to look after them and keep them pure, and not especially communist in their psychology.

I am inclined to agree with him but do not want to swallow his premise just because (1) he writes well, and (2) I have only read one book on the subject. I'm thinking if you had read it, you may experience some deja vu all over again.