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Is Eric Andre legitimately insane? What's been your favorite part of working with him?

Also, Chaquita banana, Chaquita banana, Obama

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God, I go to Church every goddamn Sunday! You're gonna bring the demons out of me!

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a/s/l? s2r

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Hey man, just want to say I love what you're doing! Just subscribed last night and I've been trying to space out my binge of your content. Some of the popular ideas have already been mentioned, but one that I thought might be fun would be to recreate the Simpson's pink donut from scratch? Freddie's ribs from House of Cards? Also, may need to wait on this one, but in the Lego Batman movie, Batman's favorite dish is lobster thermidor. Anyways keep up the great work and thanks for the great content!

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a la Dorne timeline