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God damn... moving to sweden guys

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Yes roadside cafes. In fact i know of one in Wyoming called the Cowboy Cafe, Dubois WY. It not only is on the main street but the only road through town.

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If you want to work on advertisement, please for gods sake put an outpost or little building in Olancha, not only does that town need it but being way off from the 395 and behind the currently being reestablished Owens lake you need advertisement in that area. Putting a shop near the beginning of town or the road that splits there is necessary. You look at towns like Bodie and find they get good advertisement from local towns like June, Mammoth, and Bridgeport but nobody knows about this place. I would love to visit but had no idea it was even there. Another great place would be lone pine, they have Mt Whitney and very little fishing, thats it, adding a bill board or outpost of some sort wpuld guarantee more visitors. You are on one of the most scenic and traveled highways in the US, take advantage of it!! Hope all goes well!

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Does your sarcasm ever get you into trouble? I love your sense of humor but i can definitely see how some might not agree. Also the sloth helped me in a really bad day so im here to say thanks!!

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I dont know if youve done it yet, sorry i've only seen about half you're works i go through tge rest right noa, but Sea Lions, Pelicans and Scorpionfish are the grumpiest animals i know. I work on fishing boat so maybe i can give a little insight to a lot of species?! PM me if you want any help on Ocean animals